2019 is now officially underway, so our Site Merchandiser Meghan Sawyer has picked the top five trends that artists should keep an eye on and make all their own this year.

Animal Revival

There’s nothing new about animal prints or their allure, but we have been seeing a new spin on the classic style. Unexpected colors, playful backgrounds, and moodier tones are now setting this trend apart from its long-standing past.

FILOS green Art Print

by sandrapoliakov


Leopard Print - Mustard Yellow Art Print

by SilverPegasus


Monkey World: Amber-Ella Art Print

by Fifikoussout


Night safari poster Art Print

by Tasiania


Art That Speaks

Tell me how you really feel. Now is not the time to leave your thoughts up for interpretation; instead, take chances with typography and leave it all on the table with lettering.

Take it easy Art Print

by kissmiklos


YES YOU CAN - typography Art Print

by showmemars


Do Your Thing Art Print

by Diana Kelley


No Worries Art Print



Terrazzo & Blobs

The “messy mosaic” style of terrazzo can be traced to the 15th century, but it’s back in a bold way—and so is its softer-shaped sister: abstract blobs.

Dark Terrazzo Marble Art Print

by bibaburdge


au naturel 3 Art Print

by silhouettes


Blobazzo - Green Art Print

by darngooood



by J3 Productions


Body Language

It’s no surprise that hands and eyes are becoming increasingly popular in art–considering they’re what are often used to make the art! Stripped from the rest of the human form, we’re getting a new view on the appendages and organs we take for granted.

peace : portrait Art Print

by bree



by Sagepizza


Jasmine Art Print

by Anano


The Big Eye Leopard abstract Art Print

by anyeva


Plants You Can’t Kill

Our artist community has always shown a love for the botanical world, but we’re seeing plants pop up all over the place: on top of people, simplified down to minimalistic shapes, as the star of a still life—the list goes on. You can’t go wrong.

Coral Banana Plant Art Print

by Curious Darling


duo Art Print

by steph_angeles


Polona - minimal vase earthtone modern art print Art Print

by olivia stjames


Solitud Art Print

by Enrique Larios