Spring is officially here, so our Site Merchandiser Meghan Sawyer has picked the top five trends that artists should keep an eye on and make all their own this season.

Dark Florals + Pops of Color

‘Tis the season for botanical blooming, so it’s no surprise that florals are having a moment. Still, these aren’t your average dainty and delicate buds; they’re boasting bold colors but aren’t afraid of the dark, either.


by Burcu Korkmazyurek


Mirage Art Print

by Tracie Andrews


Leopard black Art Print

by Fifikoussout


Like Fireworks Art Print

by Dylan M


Retro Rainbow

If you’re open to embracing color, keep an eye on decor that displays it in playful patterns and gives nod to prisms—which, if you remember from science class, is any object that separates white light into the colors of the rainbow. That’s right, the rainbow. Why not? Because its combination of color is a timeless classic, it’s the perfect design element when deciding to go retro.

3.12.19 Art Print

by Hemstitch Mill


Coat of Many Colors Art Print

by Julia Walck


Spiral Stripe Retro Rainbow Art Print

by Rose Gold


MCC Oddities II - Mid Century Modern Geometric Abstract - Blue Orange Yellow Red Art Print

by Basar Kutlu


Shades of Purple

You can’t get more versatile than purple. Ranging from moody to regal, pastel to punchy, incorporating this color into your home decor is bound to set the proper mood for any room.

Lilac pool Art Print

by Helo Birdie


Lavender white minimalist grid pattern Art Print

by Caro Martini


Echo Art Print

by Tracie Andrews


Lilac Rainbow Canyon Art Print

by Circa78Designs


The 90s

Let our launch of fanny packs serve as proof that the 90s are in full effect. So if you were a fan of the era’s design elements of neon hues, simple geometric shapes, sunflowers, smiley faces and squiggly lines, you’re in luck.

Smiley faces all day Art Print

by Hanna Kastl-Lungberg


I Love Memphis Patterns Art Print

by Alisa Galitsyna


16 Smiley faces yellow happy simple rainbow colors pattern smile face kids nursery boys girls decor Art Print

by CharlotteWinter


Lido Art Print

by lostfoundvintage


Embracing the Imperfect

There’s a freedom to art when it rids itself of realism. It leaves room to accept oddities and eccentricities, and that’s no more evident than in abstract art and illustrations that are willing to quite literally—and figuratively—bend the rules.

The Cats. cat art, cat illustration. Art Print

by Ashley Percival illustration


Mid Century Modern Minimalist Abstract Art Brush Strokes Black & White Ink Art Spiral Circles Art Print

by EnShape


Abstract Art 8 Art Print

by ThingDesign


Easy Yogini Art Print

by aley hanson