Pay the bills with your creativity!

Whether you’re just launching your art career or already have an established following, Society6 enables you to immediately start generating income with your artwork. Every single day, millions of visitors explore Society6 in search of that perfect, artist-designed product. And you’ll get paid every time a customer purchases one of your products. Simple, but huge.  Here’s all the ways Society6 will help generate income from your artwork.

Profit from the sale of your artwork

As artists, we pour ourselves in creating something we hope fans, brands and customers will love. And while we create for the sake of creating, the dream scenario is to also get paid for that creative work we do. That’s where your Society6 shop comes in. Whether you want to make a full-time living or a earn a little passive income, open up your Society6 shop today to make that dream a reality.

Easy upload process

When you upload your artwork to Society6, we automatically apply your artwork to every product possible. If you need to tweak your products, easily drag, drop and zoom your artwork into the perfect position. When everything looks good and you’re ready to launch your first product, simply click “Publish” and voila! You’re off to the races!

We print, ship and handle all customer support for you

We ship internationally to over 140 countries and have a great team of dedicated support staff to field customer questions. If you’re trying to spend more time creating and less time in the weeds, Society6 is perfect for you. If you are interested in learning more about how to grow your art-based business, we provide plenty of creative and business education on the Society6 blog.

Collaboration & feature opportunities

Not only can you sell your artwork on Society6, we make sure you have a regular supply of collaboration opportunities to boost your personal portfolio. This includes Limited Edition products like our Art Quarterly, yearly Artist Calendar, one-time-only products, zines, screen prints, etc. Then we’ll do something crazy like buy a trucking container and turn it into a mobile art gallery. We also do artist interviews on the blog and share our latest and greatest discoveries. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but you’ll start to see opportunities come through your inbox once you’re signed up.

Get paid every month

Some competitors only pay you when you’ve earned a certain amount in sales. Not us. We believe every penny you earn, you should be able to put towards investing in creative tools, a cup of coffee or even your next road trip. Plus, every week, we send a digest of how many items you sold, and how much money you generated for yourself. That way, you can keep tabs on your growing business. Here’s some additional info on the payment process.

Sell your artwork on premium, lifestyle products

We offer premium, everyday products that your customers will love. Here’s the list of products you can make available for sale on Society6:

Customer’s rave about Society6

You should feel confident that the products you offer are not only in demand, but impressive in their overall quality. That’s why we do extensive vetting and development of the products we release. On every product page, you’ll notice customer reviews. This not only instills confidence in your customer’s purchase, but helps them see what a product looks like in the real world–which gets you one step closer to earning a sale.

By joining Society6, you can not only make some money with your artwork, but support our mission to empower creative self-expression worldwide as well!

Ben Renschen


Formerly: Artist Development Manager at Society6