This fall, we’ve been really inspired by all of the different ways that people invite creativity into their homes and their lives.

Whether it’s leaving out your art supplies so they’re always at the ready, hanging up artwork created by your friends or hosting epic parties with the ones you love—there seems to be endless ways to fill your life with all things artistic and inspirational.

And SO, we want to hear from you—how do you invite creativity into your home?

Here’s how to show us:

  • Please answer the above question in a creative and personal way. Feel free to write, sketch or doodle out your answer—get creative! We want to feel your personality and your style in not only your answer, but in the way you present it as well. Click here for some examples; these are answering a different question, but you get the gist!
  • Post a photo or illustration of your answer on Instagram, tag us @society6 and use the hashtag #invitecreativityin. Feel free to post on stories or on the grid—we’ll be watching! (but not in a creepy way, in like…a fun way.)


We can’t wait to see and get inspired by all of your different answers! We’ll be reposting our favorites on Instagram so that everyone can share in the fun. Happy fall and happy posting!

Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content