Dorms are notoriously un-personal places.

Despite essentially looking like a large cardboard box they also offer zero privacy from the new life-partner that you did not choose. Even if your roommate is super chill, I can guarantee you’re still going to want to find some space to live your truth ( aka Nutella + re-watching Gossip Girl) in private. We paired up with Kastor + Pollux to give you a few tips on how to use wall tapestries to make your dorm feel more like you and less like a sad, 70’s dollhouse. 

Confusion Rectangular Pillow

1. Between The Beds

Sharing a room can actually be really fun—living in a dorm feels kind-of like extended adult summer camp. BUT if sleeping next to a stranger every night is starting to freak you out a little (a lot), we’re here to help. Place a large wall tapestry between your beds as a temporary divider by using nails, heavy duty tape, or LOTS of thumbtacks to hang it from the ceiling. Not only will you plump up your privacy, but you’ll give your blah room some extra dimension.

2. Faux Headboard

I’m assuming your dorm bed did not come with a headboard and if it did I need to know where you are going to school (I mean are you Eloise at The Plaza what kind of fancy-ass school has headboards). Beds are often the inevitable focal points of a dorm because they’re the largest piece of furniture, make yours stand out even more by adding a tapestry above.

3. Make A Statement

I think it’s a law of physics or something that all dorm walls are ugly. By covering one (or all four) with a wall tapestry you’re hitting the golden ratio of design to square footage. If you’re curious how to hang one, check out this post and find what works best for you/doesn’t break your hall rules.

4. Meditation Station

Mindfulness is trending for about a billion great reasons and if you’re a student, you’re def gonna need some time to decompress and self-care in quiet. By hanging a wall tapestry to create a triangle out of a corner of your room, you’ve made a tiny, totally-yours space to read, meditate, or scream silently into every pillow you own (this, too, counts as meditation).

Minimal Mac Throw Pillow

Imagine Wall Tapestry

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