Spring is here!

To celebrate warmer weather and sunnier days, we’ve started a new series where we ask creatives and designers to give their space the spring cleaning treatment. Over the next few weeks we’ll check out four different aspirational room redos to give you some serious inspo for your own home. This week, we’re cooking up a fresh kitchen makeover with creative sister duo Dani and Taylor Reynolds. Check out their easy tips on how to brighten up your space this spring!


Welcome your Sunday brunch guests with a hot cup of joe! A melange of unique mugs ensures no one will get Sam’s decaf mixed with Jane’s dark roast! And once the harsh reality of Monday morning creeps in, bright fun mugs set the tone for a positive work week ahead.


Nothing says “kitchen refresh” like fresh linens. Dish towels are an affordable and hella easy way to bring a new vibe to your space. They’re like mini tapestries for your oven door.


No need to pick just one—patterned rugs pop when layered on top natural textures. Our current obsession is this retro checkered number stacked over a woven mat. Also, don’t let the name fool you, bath mats are a perfect addition below the sink. Their anti-slip bottom will keep them in place and they’ll whisk away any extra water that you might drip!


We obviously love art, but it’s often forgotten in a kitchen. Don’t forget to adorn you walls with some peppy designs, and if you don’t have space to hang, then you can put a canvas or framed print on your counter and lean it up against the wall—et voilá! No nails (or wall space required!

Wanna see more? Check out this boho living room makeover!


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Bounce Throw Pillow

by Circa 78 Designs


Single Line Plant Drawing Bath Mat

by The Colour Study


Shape Study #14 Mug

by This Weekend Studio


Flower Power Towel

by J.C. Scott


Boobies Hand Towel

by Explicit Design


Blue Flowers Framed Print



Come See The Universe Coffee Mug

by Picomodi


Checker Rug

by 10813 Apparel


Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content