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Welcome to the Society6 Artist Bootcamp. This is an educational series aimed to boost your sales and confidence with smart, practical and totally doable business-building tactics. Don’t just take it from me though. We interviewed more than 20 well respected and top-selling Society6 artists on what they deem to be best practices with regard to a myriad of topics covered below–many of which are relevant to all print-on-demand sites. Check the full list of topics below. Lots of great info ahead.

GET STARTED: How To Prepare Your Art Files For Printing On Society6 Products

Your greatest ally throughout this entire series will be learning to fine-tune your balance between time spent creating art and time spent building a business around it. There’s no denying the importance of each. All the following is pretty straight forward, but remember, only you can figure out what your secret to success is. Hint: it starts by learning from people who have figured it out.

Jump to:

  1. Set Up Your Society6 Shop For Success
    1. How to Prepare Your Art Files For Printing On Society6 Products
    2. How to Get Found In Search
    3. How to Price Your Artwork Competitively
    4. Start Earning Sales With a Customer-Ready Shop
  2. Marketing 101 | Knowing What Products to Promote & How
    1. How To Know Which of Your Products Will Sell Best
    2. How To Shoot Beautiful, Natural-Looking Lifestyle Photography
    3. How To Create Killer, Click-Worthy Marketing Material
  3. Social Media 101 | Getting Sales Through Social Media
    1. Best Practices To Turning Social Media Fans Into Customers
    2. How To Make Money On Instagram (for Artists)
    3. How To Boost Sales Using Facebook’s Most Artist-Friendly Features
    4. Pros/Cons Of The Social Platforms Every Artist Should Consider Being On
  4. Press 101 | Getting The Attention of Bloggers & Editors
    1. Who To Pitch, How To Pitch & Where To Start
    2. Write A Compelling Pitch To Get Featured
    3. The Artist’s Guide to Networking IRL (In Real Life)
  5. Productivity & Inspiration
    1. Getting Over A Creative Slump
    2. Balancing Creative Time With Building A Business

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave ’em below!

Ben Renschen


Formerly: Artist Development Manager at Society6