As someone who is truly passionate about sitting, my options just got a lot more appealing. I’m the person at the party, movie night, or random Japanese-inspired brunch, who is always volunteering to sit on the floor. Mostly because I’m too nice (YOU’RE WELCOME, FRIENDS) but also because there’s something about posting up, legs crossed on the hardwood that makes you feel like a kid again. That is until you try to stand up and you realize you are not a kid, you are an adult who is gets “runner’s knee” from sitting for too long. BUT today we’re giving me, I mean YOU, the perfect solution: Floor Pillows.

Here’s the 411:

  • They’re available in both round and square, with a large and a small option
  • Their overstuffed cushioning keeps its shape for a softness without weird sagging
  • Amazing all-over print quality, incredibly bold and sharp designs
  • 100% UV Coated Polyester outer, 100% Poly fill
  • A bar tack center stitch reinforces the fabric and increases the strength of the overall product
  • They’re easy to spot clean with warm water and a mild detergent
  • Your dog will probably steal it from you

PSST¬†artists! Head over to your shops right now and make sure to activate them. And just a little head’s up: if you see any blank images, don’t worry, they’re there – all you have to do is refresh your page and after a few seconds they should appear. Be sure to double check so your customers can see this rad new addition to your shop! We’re projecting these to be one of our top products in home decor, so start activating them in your shop ASAP! Also I highly recommend you order one for yourself: they will not disappoint your vibe or your butt.

Photos by: Kate Rentz


The Forbidden Orange Floor Pillow


by 83 Oranges


Black Terrazzo Floor Pillow


by Patterns And Textures


White Plus On Black Floor Pillow


by Pencil Me In


Nadia Floor Pillow


by Charlotte Winter


Meadow Floor Pillow


by A. Vogler


Daisy Pattern Floor Pillow


by Charlotte Winter


Banana leaves Floor Pillow


by CatyArte


mudcloth 7 Floor Pillow


by Monoo