It’s Leo season and it’s time to shine!

Hollywood’s top tarot card reader Angie Banicki shares what you can expect this month, alongside graphically bold illustrations by DEN-ALICIA-STUDIO.

ARIES(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Influenced by the 7 OF CUPS

Music: Only You – Yazoo

This month it feels more important than ever to give extra attention to your heart chakra. Don’t overthink the reasons why – just keep visualizing your heart expanding. You are going to be surprised by the possibilities here. Your heart is calling in a very important ally and partner, pathfinding for you. You just have to keep allowing the creation of this collaboration. I have a feeling there’s no way for you to mentally see it so don’t worry about the semantics. Just open your heart. For some of you this may even be a soul calling. Others may meet a soulmate on their earthly journey. You don’t get to pick. I have chills at how big this feeling for you.

Final Thought: Remember your favorite romantic movie or book? Go watch it! Or ask your favorite people to share their love stories. I really loved This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett.

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TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 20)

Influenced by: Knight OF CUPS/TEN OF SWORDS

Music: Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) – Ed Sheeran, Khalid

Taurus, you are just in between the dark and light. A threshold.The gate of discovery. Your life is about to change in a HUGE way and you are in the in-between. The in-between can feel uncertain and shadowy. Where you are going has not yet been revealed and you don’t get to see behind the curtain just yet. You just have this next step of release and discovery. It feels really good as long as you can stand strong in knowing you are ready and willing to go a little darker and deeper in order to see. And let’s be honest, you secretly love this stuff–the weirdness of being a bit misfitty in the waiting.

Final Thought: Watch the sunset this month especially around that full moon. Go outside and soak up the energy of the that transition and notice how it makes you feel.

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GEMINI (May 21- June 20)

Influenced by WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Music: Major Tom – The Space Lady   More Than This – Remastered – Roxy Music 

Your word for the month Gemini–LISTEN. That is your most important job this month. Things feel good. Everything is moving forward but for you it feels like you are in your own time warp–watching and TRULY hearing in a way you haven’t been able to in the past. A big part of your listening is about letting past expectations and habits to fall away. Those habits and expectations were like headphones muffling you from the real world. And when they fall to your shoulders, you hear the message so loudly it’s laughable. Don’t worry about what others think or feel or how you might be affecting them. Just listen for you. I think you are going to hear some big stuff that makes love pour into your heart in a whole new way.

Final Thought: Go for a walk in the trees and if there are birds there even better. Let them all talk to you. Or if you want to make the rule like mine, put on a shuffle mix for your walk and let the songs start explaining it to you! NO EARMUFFS.

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CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Influenced by SUN REVERSED

Music: Count to Five – Mixed – Rhye, Tensnake    How Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees

Oh Cancer. I feel your frustration around relationships, around your soul undertakings. My heart is with you. Can you examine these feelings this month? Without trying to decide or intellectualize? Instead with your heart? How do we mend your heart? Actually how do we make your heart hungry for deep love and purpose again? It’s as if we are reshaping your heart so it can fit more. This shaping is going to bring you a power of identity. There is something wanting to be created and manifested. We are making space in your heart that sets you into action to create!

Final Thought: Can you go do some pottery? Get down and into the clay? I want you to use your hands to create. This is the best use of your energy now.

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LEO (July 23 – Aug 22)

Influenced by EIGHT OF CUPS

Music:  Better Side Of Life – Emitt Rhodes   It Wasn’t Easy To Be Happy For You – The Lumineers

Oh, Leo, I get the feeling you have been try too hard for another. It’s okay to try hard for another but it’s also important to try hard for YOU. Yes it’s important to make compromises in relationship but right now I want some more time for you. I mean, for one, it’s your birthday month. What do you want? We are all on this soul journey and we’ve met and let in those who are a part of our journey, our story. What do you need for your story now? It’s okay if someone else doesn’t agree. You can still be on the journey together. Go take a side trail and meet back on the trail. Choose a little adventure of your own.

Final Thought: Let yourself think about and visualize that CRAZY thing you thought could never happen or financially just seems impossible. Give yourself time to daydream what it would feel like if it happened! Oh, I got flooded with emotion when I wrote that–like tears of joy. Yes, do that!

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VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22)


Music: Super Disco – Étienne de Crécy, Alex Gopher   My Bed – Malory

Virgo, this is exciting – you are finally being able to see out to the distant horizons. Your far-reaching vision is expanding and with that sight inspiration is flooding you. See that big picture and use it to guide you in the here and now. You know what you want and know how you want to feel in that life. Now go out and start making it happen. It feels as though there is a male in business who can help you navigate this brand new territory. The best part is this vision bleeds into all areas of your life. Love relationships and friendships are all slowly falling into alignment with the greater vision. Keep going even when it feels a little overwhelming.

Final Thought: Travel feels really good for you this month. Take that business trip and extend it if you can. Jump on the jet, helicopter or boat.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Influenced by LOVERS

Music: Higher Love – Kygo, Whitney Houston  Reckless Heart – Emma Reeves

Oh Libra, wow! This month feels quite overwhelming in this incredibly powerful way for you. Get ready for a big spiritual revelation. You are walking through the gate of consciousness into another realm. Don’t turn back. How beautiful that you are connecting to a higher power. My whole body is tingling as I write this. Get ready to be guided into a whole new level of living. You are connecting to support from the other side, another dimension, your guides or your ancestors. And on another note from this material world, your love life is expanding as well. You had some shaky times but are feeling your way through love that feels like more love than you’ve ever felt in your whole life!

Final Thought: Go to a meditation group, your favorite yoga class or a reiki master. Let yourself be held in a space that allows more connection to your higher self!

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SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)


Music:  Thank You – Dido   Try Everything – Shakira

New life is emerging Scorpio! For some of you this could be an actual birth, a conception! For more of you this is your new life–new insights, new beginnings.  An attunement is happening so you can welcome this newness in. Finally, your soul feels at peace with purpose in a way that it hasn’t in months. You’ve emerged up and out of the darkness. You are blending and can finally see it doesn’t have to be one or the other. It can be ALL OF IT.

Final Thought: Practice saying thank you this month. Out loud. To your love. To strangers. To YOURSELF. You know what I’m talking about Scorpio. Just do it. And maybe because it has a special place in my heart or maybe because it’ll inspire you-but go watch Zootopia or at least listen to Shakira’s song above!

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 19)

Influenced by 10 OF PENTACLES

Music: You Take – GoldFord  Way With Words – Bahamas

August is a blessing for you Sag. Family, finances, your self-confidence. Everything just feels like such a blessing. If you’re looking at work in another city, this feels amazing–follow that. Use this month of peaceful bliss to get the right nudges forward for you. You have some new projects, new beginnings circling. More important than exploring those is seeing yourself working in what you want. Can you write out the plan? Journal your vision? And then honestly, spend time with family and friends in gratitude. You kinda can’t lose now. This fall is going to be pretty fast-moving so enjoy this time.

Final Thought:  Take a long weekend with the family or the love of your life. The more people around you the better.  You are sparkling!

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CAPRICORN (Dec 20 – Jan 19)

Influenced by EIGHT OF SWORDS

Music:  Save Me – Aimee Mann    Fool – Mick Flannery

There is a need to be discerning about your goals and the direction you are taking in life. Value your growth and your vision for your future but at the same time, it’s time to notice what is nourishing your growth and what is leaving you feeling empty and unfulfilled.  Have you been too focused on the pirate’s gold and jewels? This card says if you focus on the material, you’ll keep feeling stuck. Instead if you focus on the personal growth and love of life, you’ll feel pulled forward. Get ready to get some answers this month and take each one as a blessing!

Final Thought: Notice your dreams this month–they are trying to give you some of those answers!

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AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Influenced by 5 OF PENTACLES

Music:  The Git Up – Blanco Brown   Snake Charmer – Parov Stelar, Kovacs

You are a light this month Aquarius! And your creative entrepreneurial genius is shining at a level ten. The emotional battle you’ve had with some past relationships is finally clearing its way out of your subconscious. Step into that light and let your love light up everything around you now. Others will be lining up to support you as you dive deeper into your new ventures. Don’t be afraid to walk away from the wrong people or situations because you have enough people who want to be in support of you! You are finally beginning to see more of that superpower of yours!

Final Thought: Go dancing this month. Shake it up! Celebrate life in your body!

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PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Influenced by ACE OF CUPS

Music: Here With Me – Dido

You’ve arrived, Pisces. A new level of self-love has engulfed your heart and soul. You know yourself and know what you want and deserve and can feel how it’s coming to you in a way you never have in the past. You’ve always had a heart full of compassion but you can see how that is serving you this month of August. Congratulations. You deserve to drink and feast in celebration. It feels almost like an initiation this month for you. What do you want to be initiated into? Celebrate it as happening even if it hasn’t quite come into your orbit. You know it’s about to–and I know you know exactly what I mean.

Final Thought: Plan a dinner party with your favorite people or maybe just that one person. The important part is the celebration. Surround yourself with love and joy this month!

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