Kick off the best season of the year with a reading by Hollywood’s top tarot reader Angie Banicki and celestial illustrations by Sabrena Khadija.

ARIES(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Influenced by the PAGE OF WANDS

Music: First Place – Hang Øver, tiffi

Keep at it Aries! You are killing it in work this month and you have no idea the power of your magic wand now. You seem to be tapping everyone and bringing abundance and fortune to those around you. This kind of magic can be powerful so watch your sensitivity–make sure you are meditating, practicing yoga or spending time in nature. And as you do, listen to the guidance coming through. You’ll find some powerful clarity in terms of bigger pushes for you this fall. AND if you’ve been thinking about moving home–now is the time to get at it.

Final Thought: Reach out to an old friend this month. Maybe even a few. This is a strong month for building and rebuilding friendships that ultimately will help in your working life! Maybe one will help you find your dream home.

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TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 20)

Influenced by the 5 OF PENTACLES

Music: Awake – Rhye   You Keep Me Hangin’ On – The Supremes

Opportunity engulfs you this month Taurus. And finally you are facing your fears about money—releasing old patterns of financial worry just in time for some abundance to surface! It seems contracts or important agreements for career are closing or about to close this month! Be willing to talk it out and negotiate. This feels like it could create huge change for you personally–it’ll be worth the wait and time it’s taking to come together. In the meantime, plan a trip for a long weekend!

Final Thought: Practice some healthy good cooking for the soul. What foods fuel your mind, body and soul? Take notice this month and get creative in the kitchen or at the grill!

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GEMINI (May 21- June 20)

Influenced by the EMPEROR

Music: It’s A Good Day – Remastered – Peggy Lee

Something tells me you are wondering about a relationship or wanting one to show up. Give that up for now because June is time to prioritize you! Get the bills paid. Get your health in tip top shape. Take care of all the details Gemini–this will make you confident and strong to get back on that love train full speed. There may even be a brilliant investment presented to you this month–get into it. You can trust your judgment now to find some exciting prospects.

Final Thought: Go dancing! Take a fun hip-hop class or try ballet. Do something a little out of your comfort zone that gets your body moving!

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CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Influenced by TEMPERANCE

Music:  Hide – Little May    The Magic – Robert Francis

Have you been stewing, Cancer? Release the past situation or person you’re letting frustrate you. Who’s been feeding your imbalance? Listen, I’m gonna acknowledge that the cards you’ve been dealt recently are super not fair. But guess what, this month is moving all that drama out of the way! The best thing you can do is hide away for some solo time. Can you do some fasting or create a super healthy diet? We gotta bring you back into your magic! So let’s go into that calm place connecting you back to your roots.

Final Thought: Try walking as the sun sets. Whether at your house, out in nature or even by the beach. Wherever and whenever you can, this will bring your soul back aligned with your mind and body!

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LEO (July 23 – Aug 22)

Influenced by 3 OF WANDS

Music Deserter – Matthew Dear   Come On Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners

You are like a magical firefly this month, Leo! Did you know the firefly contains the light of a thousand stars? This powerful energy can be fleeting so this is the month to open up to the unlimited inspired ideas flowing through and to you! Come on and grab ’em! The message is not to take action now but to actually open up to the possibility. The other message here is that you are feeling an intense call for change–hence inspiration overwhelming you. This call to change can feel frustrating when you cannot make moves to make it happen yet. Remember to keep yourself healthy and strong so when it is time to attack, you’re ready!

Final Thought: Keep an inspiration journal this month. When you get starstruck by a genius idea, project or person, go write down the inspiration! By the end of summer, you’ll be glad you kept track!

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VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Influenced by 6 OF SWORDS

Music: Donna – The Lumineers

Whoa, Virgo! Reel it back in. The cards are screaming that now is the time to pull yourself away from a potentially damaging situation. Wait, wait, wait. You are antsy to have forward movement in career and it’s just not time nor worth it. Here are some actionable steps you can take. Since you tend to be in your orderly mind, I’ll give you a list. 1. Declutter. You’ll feel better and focused to clear away your living and work space. Unclutter your schedule as well. 2. Go away for a little pilgrimage.  Even if it’s just to the east coast or down south. Let yourself explore. 3. Go for a night swim. Feels like the best clarity you can get under the moonlight.

Final Thought: When it’s time to jump into something, all signs will scream YES! Watch the signs.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Influenced by ACE OF PENTACLES

Music: Falling like the Stars – James Arthur

Don’t you dare give up now, Libra! Opportunity is circling above you now like a dark vulture waiting to dive and grab you. This opportunity is a game-changer. Get ready because you can see your life changing this month. You have all the ingredients at your disposal for success. Consider everything coming your way with confidence. As all this goodness is presenting to you, try sharing the love with others. Give more to your favorite charity or find a cause you can donate your time to. 

Final Thought: Begin the month with a clearing ceremony to disperse any negative energies holding back all the goodness wanting to come to you now! Sage your home and try abstaining from anything not good for your body and soul.

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SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Influenced by SEVEN OF WANDS

Music: Hanging on the Edge – Regina Price    Casey Jones – Grateful Dead

Have you been letting others take you over lately, Scorpio? Where is that strong passionate driver we are used to? You’ve lost some of your essence. But good news is this month is balancing you back out, bringing you back into alignment from lion to lamb and now somewhere in between lies a peaceful warrior. It’s time for you to do what you know you need to do to bring yourself back to inner peace and power. Also, support is coming to financially help you with next steps in your career. Use this extra income to dive deeper into creative pursuits.

Final Thought: Play a game this month. Listen in the most inopportune times, ways and moments. When a child catches your ear, when a stranger throws a comment in your direction. Open your mind to the deeper guidance. Listen.

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 19)

Influenced by 8 OF CUPS

Music: Hold You Now (feat. Danielle Haim) – Vampire Weekend, Danielle Haim   Green Eyes – Rhye

It’s time, Sag. There’s something you’ve been holding onto that’s holding you back! LET GO OF THE GUILT!  You know you’ve learned from past mistakes so stop berating yourself for them. And now that you can finally move forward, life is bringing you good news of support! For some of you this support will arrive in the form of a man who wants to invest in you–perhaps an actual financier or a big client, or a successful mentor. You deserve this, so please accept and open yourself to it. Don’t over intellectualize it–just do it. And if you’re looking for love, get out of the house and go search for fun–you might be surprised how love finds you!

Final Thought: Get out in the sun and soak up the Vitamin D. And if you are stuck still, get out the journal and write out your woes!

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CAPRICORN (Dec 20 – Jan 19)

Influenced by  5 OF WANDS

Music: Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going To Be A Long, Long Time) – Elton John   Needed – Rhye

You are being tested to the utmost this month Cap! But at the same time, your inner power is growing tenfold. Conflict surrounds you as you try to make your voice heard. This conflict is really just to your ego though–there really is no dangerous opposition. This is a reminder to you that the energy fueled by your ego telling you to chase after what you want is fear energy. The energy you need most now is attracting energy. All you need to work on is sending out love, gratitude and welcoming energy. CALL IT IN, CAP! And then be ready to compromise.

Final Thought: Explore your 4th Chakra in meditation this month. The heart chakra. The Anahata. (I know a lot of Capricorns will be uncomfortable with this and those are the ones that really need it!)

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AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Influenced by THE HIEROPHANT

Music: Take Care of You – Cherokee

There is a huge block being lifted off your heart this month, sweet Aquarius. You feel 10lbs lighter. Phew.  ou are not quite where you want to be, but a true commitment to yourself, your home and your career begins to show dividends now. KEEP GOING! Stay centered in gratitude to make sure the flow of abundance continues. You are like a bear coming off a long winter of slumber. Get out of the cave and come back to us. Yes, take care of yourself but let us all help you in this big transition! It’s all worth it now. I feel sweet relief with so much more to come!

Final Thought: Go take a fun class on the weekend or sign up to learn something you’ve always been wanting to know more about! Now is the time!

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PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20)
Influenced by PAGE OF SWORDS

Music: Gimme – BANKS   If You Want Me to Stay – Sly & The Family Stone

Your self-care involves removing the heavy burden of financial and emotional debts from your life. You know exactly what that means for you ,Pisces. Grow a pair and own up to it. You are on such a good track now and SO CLOSE!  You are on the brink of the next level in life. This is a life landmark. And you have options now in love, family and relationships. Don’t do anything foolish–think through things very carefully. The next adventure is so close. Can you take some time to celebrate just for you? Go to another country? Travel to someplace you’ve never been?

Final Thought: Let some more masculine energy in to launch you forward!

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