With spring comes a fresh start, and we can’t wait to see what exactly that means with tarot-inspired tips by horoscope expert Angie Banicki and dreamy illustrations by symmetricalwoman.

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Influenced by the 4 OF PENTACLES

Music: Chrysalis – Empire of the Sun

Aries – your word for this month is gratitude. Hold onto that and treasure it – make a list you add to and throw it on the fridge, post a quote to your Instagram – whatever keeps you in touch with appreciation. You will be making some sacrifices this month. Some of those sacrifices may feeling like you are losing or missing something. Release any expectations surrounding money and power now. You may want to try and make something happen. But the cards show everything is working out fairly for you.  You just may not feel your Aries magic touch now. With Mercury in retrograde, we will all be looking back, reviewing and resetting some of our work. Spend a little extra time giving loving care to your family in March – express your gratitude to your loved ones. And if you’re single, tell someone you are crushing on how you feel. Even if you’ve just met them – you might be surprised at how this works out for you!

Final Thought: Share a vulnerable expression of gratitude with someone this month.

TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 20)

Influenced by THE LOVERS

Music: When I’m Alone – Piano Version – Lissie   Sisyphus – Andrew Bird

You are feeling this need to make a choice now Taurus. The lovers have you deliberating back and forth. What might it feel like to release the need to decide? Why not sit with the uncertainty and allow clarity to come to you? Sometimes if we knew the answer, we’d lose the lesson because we avoided the experience and the knowledge that comes through living. Trust, Taurus, that you are in this because you are meant to be. You’ve got such a strong foundation that is ready to add another floor but don’t think you know what that floor is supposed to look like. This month is about noticing what you may want each room to look like based on what is in front of you now. Will you integrate this option into the house or is it here showing you what you really don’t want and can let go of?

Final Thought: Look with new eyes upon the world you are creating. Expand your view.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20)

Influenced by EIGHT OF WANDS

Music: Time On Her Side – Future Islands   Only You – Steve Monite

Gemini, it feels like there is so much happening now for you. But at the same time, you feel trapped by all the activity – uncertain how you fit in to it all. The advice here is KEEP GIVING. Don’t hold back – just give of yourself. Who needs you most now? Give without question or without knowing what you get in return. Have faith that your expertise, your love, your guidance is needed for someone or perhaps for us all. Please just give it. It seems that there’s a chance that you are the only one who can save us.

Final Thought: With everything you are giving, give yourself the gift of some social time. Go to that event. Go celebrate something. Let yourself go a little and you might be surprised what happens when you just show up to the party!

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Influenced by PAGE OF SWORDS

Music: Bones (feat. OneRepublic) – Galantis, OneRepublic   Saturday Sun – Ryan Riback Remix – Vance Joy, Ryan Riback

Creatively I feel so frustrated for you now, Cancer, but guess what? This frustration is bringing out your power. You are being forced to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. You have such a strong compass for who you are and what needs to be. What needs to be for you but also what our world needs to be. You can evoke great change, Cancer. You are such a gift and you have a responsibility now more than ever! Stop holding back. SHARE YOUR GIFT.  This month is about tapping deeper into the knowing of who you are and what you are meant to share with us all.

Final Thought: Go outside and spend some time in the sun. You are like this germinating seed wanting to reach higher and brighter. You’ll feel the sun feeding you.

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22)

Influenced by KNIGHT OF WANDS

MusicWhiplash (feat. Tame Impala) – Theophilus London, Tame Impala   Heaven Let Me In – Friendly Fires

Leo – a new journey of discovery is about to be begin. You are exactly where you are supposed to be but it feels as though you are waiting for this push from the universe. Keep following your desire. What is your passion? What is grabbing your attention now? Just try to listen for your soul to take the lead. This month feels like déjà vu for you. It’s intense. It’s exhausting. It’s exhilarating. It’s confusing. Just keep following all the feelings and wait for it all to make sense. Oh, and don’t worry about the financials of it all. Instead create some goals regarding that aspect of it.

Final Thought: Journey beneath your surface wants to the depths of your soul’s true desire. NO LIMITS.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Influenced by 5 OF CUPS

Music: Tears In Your Eyes – Nora En Pure  Topanga – Trippie Redd

It’s time, Virgo. You are ready to take action to change a past pattern. You are moving past a HUGE BLOCK this month. Please be so kind to yourself through this. It’s as if you are in the hangover of an emotional rollercoaster. Compassion is everything now. Go buy yourself flowers right now – you deserve this gift. You’ve been working hard to find virtue in your heart. Don’t overexert yourself. Take a little weekend away if you can. Or even better, go get reiki, see a shaman or healer. Give yourself some assistance as you release and prepare to step into new shoes. You are changing a family dynamic.

Final Thought: The Latin word for compassion literally means “co-suffering”.  You are learning to accept others and situations for what they are. You can rise above the suffering by understanding it more fully.

LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Influenced by PAGE OF CUPS

Music: Dumb Blonde (feat. Nicki Minaj) – Avril Lavigne, Nicki Minaj  Alone Again Or – 2015 Remastered Version – Love

Ah, Libra, as so often the case with you, I am bringing the extremes here. You must be open, light hearted and sensitive to what is needed of you now. And yet, at the same time, I want you to be discerning and a little more calculating. You have important people showing up in your life now. There is so much potential for new and exciting projects, relationships and work, life-changing big stuff. But it is important for you to listen with all of you and decide what to do with what is coming at you because not all of it is what is best for you, but you will ultimately decide. So play your balance card but then don’t be upset with what needs to go to make space for what you know you are calling in.

Final Thought: Try playing the game of giving music the power to lead you this month. Walk into the grocery store and listen to the song playing. What is life trying to tell you?

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Influenced by NINE OF SWORDS

Music:  bury a friend – Billie Eilish   Love Me – Felix Cartal, Lights  Bizarre Love Triangle – Nouvelle Vague

Try this, Scorpio. Look forward to the future with optimism even if it looks nothing like you thought. You can so easily create problems in your mind. You can get stuck in a negative spiral, be it in relationship or with finances. STOP IT. You know your pattern. Time to get honest with yourself. You can outsmart everyone else but you need to get to the truth in your core. Time to honestly admit to yourself that you have sacrificed time and energy on a situation that simply does not work. Are you adhering to lower standards than you are capable of achieving? Is it time to cut your losses? This may be an opportunity to heal as you shed a heavy burden that weighs you down.

Final Thought: Do not hesitate to draw boundaries for yourself. You need time for yourself. Practice NO this month.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 19)

Influenced by 4 OF CUPS

Music: Fire – Sara Bareilles  Together Again – Janet Jackson

Sag! Open your eyes to ALL possibilities. Stop with the blocks. You have SO MUCH TO GIVE. You know what you want. March is about starting to see that you are getting closer to getting there. For some of you this may be a loving partner – don’t hold yourself to one person. Just know what you want and deserve. Show you won’t take anything less but also that you are open to it in any form. For some this may be the dream job. OWN your worth. You know you deserve more than where you are now. Don’t take something just to fill space. You deserve material and spiritual prosperity, and it is coming. Just give it time. March is about showing the universe that you are ready for the GREATNESS that you know you deserve.

Final Thought: Embrace this moment to know where you stand and to stand where you are – with centeredness, peace and power!

CAPRICORN (Dec 20 – Jan 19)

Influenced by TWO OF SWORDS

Music: Life On Earth – Snow Patrol

Peace. This is your word Capricorn. Remain as silent as much as possible now. Spend some time gathering information before taking action. This doesn’t need to be the end, Capricorn. Non-action is how you should be playing things. You don’t have all the information now. Communicating will not help things now. This can have drastic consequences. Allow for some growth and healing first. You think you have the map to show you where you are going? Throw it out and get ready to create a whole new path. Set yourself free through forgiveness.

Final Thought: Let go of unresolved grief and blame toward yourself and others. The path of freedom awaits.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Influenced by THE HANGED MAN

Music: Only for the Broken-Hearted – Twin Shadow   For You – Greg Laswell

You have reached a crossroads. Accept the consequences of your decisions. Go through it. Free yourself. Surrender your illusions of control. Be willing to allow the way forward with good faith and hopefulness. Stop the negative forces, the fighting, the doubt and criticism. This won’t help anyone- especially your cause. Rise to the occasion when you are able to showcase your talents now. You have so much to give there. Control the things you can! Do your internal homework.

Final Thought: Give and receive abundantly. Buy something for someone you love. And gift yourself something healing this month.

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Influenced by SEVEN OF CUPS

Music: I Guess I Just Feel Like – John Mayer Blessed We Are – Peia

Pisces, you have so many options now. Important choices you are weighing. What is closest to your heart? Allow yourself to daydream and connect to your heart. Feel into the past, the present and what feels right for you next. You are discovering the balance of fluidity and harmony. You are ready to call in what feels right. That comfortable place like home. It is your choice now though. Are you ready to move away from the choices of the past? You will discover a newfound confidence once you connect to this. It changes everything. It will allow you to know exactly what you want. No more choices from fear, only from the unlimited universe. CALL IT IN, BABY!

Final Thought: When your own cup is full and balanced, you will naturally have more to give and share with others. FILL YOUR CUP!

Jessica McQueen