Your artist shop says a lot about who you are as an artist and highlights your best-selling products. So, when it comes to selling, it’s crucial your shop is merchandised the right way.

You want to create a shop customers love, where they can purchase some of their favorite pieces and incorporate them in their lifestyle and home decor. You don’t need to enable every design on every product. Rather, think about which designs best suit the products they’re displayed on. We know there’s a lot to consider. So, here’s a list of our most popular items customers typically go for. Plus, our site merchandiser, Meghan, shares some useful tips that are sure to get your work into art lovers’ hands and homes.

1. Art Prints, Framed Prints and Canvas Prints

Wall art is the bread and butter of Society6 and our most popular sellers. Meghan says, “Art prints, framed prints, and canvas prints should be the foundation of every artist shop. They show off your artwork in its truest form.” Sorting your artist shop to highlight art prints is a great way to create your own gallery and showcase all of your designs. Art prints are available in five sizes with a natural white, matte, ultra smooth background, and they are custom trimmed with a border for framing. Framed Prints come in six sizes, with a white or black frame. Canvas prints—which are frameless, bright white, fine cotton-poly blend matte canvas—are available in three sizes. Remember, with wall art you are able to set your own pricing using our markup tool.

River Houses Framed Art Print

by Haley Tippmann

Blue and Pink Heels Framed Art Print

by Chris Schoonover

Georgia Canvas Print

by mmvce

portal Art Print

by steph_angeles

2. iPhone and Android Cases

Everyone has a phone, so this is an easy way for artists’ fans and followers to start collecting work they love. “Phone cases are one of the best ways for your customers to take art on the go,” says Meghan. Cases are a more approachable way of owning artwork, appealing especially to those timid art buyers. They’re often a customer’s first purchase, so why not hook them with a unique phone case? Chances are they’ll likely come back for more.

Tropical Glam Cat Android Case

by theebouffants

howdy howdy iPhone Case

by Morgan Sevart

Monstera Android Case

by ilovedoodle

Skulls iPhone Case

by Tatjana Zlatkovic

3. Tote Bags

Our Tote Bags are like a walking billboard of your artwork. By toting around your designs, customers are getting your art into the world for you. Everyone loves Mother Earth, and these reusable bags make perfect gifts, especially for your environmentally conscious customers. Our totes are versatile and come in three sizes.

I got an idea Tote Bag

by Lorien Stern

Leopard Vase Tote Bag

by Megan Galante

Dive Tote Bag

by Richard Vergez

Party I Tote Bag

by Alexandra Bowman

4. Rugs

Rugs are perfect attention grabbing pieces and a distinct selling point for your artist shop. “Rugs are a unique and simple way to suddenly transform a space with art,” says Meghan. Our rugs are made from a woven, polyester chenille, offering a soft, textured look, and they’re available in two sizes: 2’ x 3’ and 4’ x 6’. We encourage buyers to use the colors within the rug to inspire other art prints or home decor purchases. So, consider that when you’re curating your shop.

Terrazzo Rug


AKYO in Beige Rug


modern chic pattern Rug

by camilleallen

Western Desert Pattern Rug

by Nick Quintero

5. T-Shirts

It’s no surprise that T-Shirts are a shop favorite. They are one of our best-selling products and serve as a fantastic canvas for your artwork. They’re 100% fine jersey cotton, making them super-soft and super-comfortable. So, we don’t doubt our customers will wear the heck outta these, especially when they can show off art they admire.

It Is What It Is T-shirt

by Julia Walck

Pocketful of sunshine T-shirt

by Picomodi

Southwestern Symbolic Pattern in Coral & Cream All Over Graphic Tee

by Allie Falcon

Give 'Em Hell T-shirt

by Doodle by Meg

6. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows instantly refresh a space. Plus, we have indoor and outdoor options, making them perfect for bringing style to any part of a home. Customers often mix and match throw pillows. So, consider streamlining themes or colors in your art. Most people can always find a reason to have more pillows, especially when they’re in love with an artist’s work. Keep in mind, these are available in four sizes and come with a fluffy faux down insert.

TRY Throw Pillow

by subliming

Rising Moon | 3 Throw Pillow

by Devante Louis

Yikes! Rectangular Pillow

by Aley Hanson

Birch in Rust Rectangular Pillow

by Becky Bailey

7. Shower Curtains

The great thing about shower curtains is that they can showcase you artwork at a larger scale. Ours are hookless and extra long, and, more importantly, they feature crisp and colorful prints on the front (with a white reverse side). Bathrooms should be just as bold and fun as any other room, and what better way for art lovers to do that than with your artwork?

Soak III Shower Curtain


sunshine state of mind Shower Curtain

by sunshinecanteen

Old West Arizona Shower Curtain

by Kevin Russ

You're The Tits Shower Curtain

by Rhianna Marie Chan

8. Duvet Covers + Comforters

Our lightweight comforters and ultra-soft duvets are a must have. That’s why we often include these products in promos and marketing materials. Meghan agrees: “Bedding is one of Society6’s core categories, and duvets and comforters are a wonderful way to incorporate home decor items in your shop.” Both are available in King, Queen, Full, Twin and Twin XL sizes. Plus, these make for another great large canvas to display your work on.

Areca Palm Pattern Duvet Cover

by Alja Horvat

Take It Easy Duvet Cover


Emotions Comforter

by Hanna Kastl-Lungberg

The Desert Shapes Comforter

by Morgan Harper Nichols

9. Tapestries

Our tapestries can be used a hundred different ways. As they are 100% lightweight polyester, they’re light enough to hang on the wall. Also, they’re durable and suited for both indoor and outdoor use, making great tablecloths and picnic blankets. Since they’re available in three different sizes, customers can use our tapestries for just about anything. “Tapestries were one of our first bestsellers,” says Meghan, “and they will continue to grow in popularity.”

Palm Springs Bungalow Wall Tapestry

by Rosi Feist

Malibu Sunset Wall Tapestry

by Carly Siciliano

Daughter Wall Tapestry


let's be quiet now Wall Tapestry

by Madeline Martinez

10. Yoga Mats

Our yoga mats are a newer product—but, as Meghan tells us, they quickly became a best seller. The measurements are 24″ wide x 70″ long x 1/4″ thick. The design is displayed on the front with white on the back. Some art fans might want a tote + yoga mat combo. So, remember that when deciding on your designs.

Muralla Roja 3 Yoga Mat

by Paul Fuentes Photo

Into the jungle II Yoga Mat

by Gale Switzer

Hey, girls! Yoga Mat

by Tasiania

African Lily of the Nile Yoga Mat

by By Brije

*Bonus* Trending Product: Face Masks

These days, everyone needs a face mask. Our face masks are rapidly gaining popularity, so don’t be afraid to have fun with them. The measurements are 7″ x 3.5”. Also, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to help the COVID-19 recovery effort.

Pizzzzzzzaa Face Mask

by But Like Maybe

Boho Leaves Face Mask

by Aleeya Marie

Garlic B+W 2 Face Mask

by KalypsoHarvey

Days of Summer no.2 Face Mask

by Maggie Stephenson

To learn more about creating designs with these products in mind, check out our blog post on surface design here.

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