Decorating your dorm can feel like a lot of pressure.

Chances are this is your first time having a space to call your own — okay, or almost your own if you’re sharing– and you really want to make a statement. This is your time to show off your style and what makes you, well, you. A little overwhelmed? To make things easier, we put together a guide on how to decorate your dorm like a pro. Check our tips below to make the dorm of your dreams a reality.

Faces in Dark Comforter

Memphis Love Travel Mug

Feelings Phone Case

1. Curate a Color Scheme

When you have limited room, everything counts. One easy way to tie your space together is to introduce a color scheme and stick with it. The minimalist in me says to choose more muted colors you won’t get tired of too quickly–but if wild patterns and neon hues are more your thing, definitely go for it! The main thing to keep in mind is that your dorm will be your home for the next year or so, so go with your gut when picking a color scheme.

La Lune Tank Top

Perennial Wall Tapestry

Garden Floor Pillow

Pink! Throw Pillow

2. Make the Bed

Sleeping will be a top priority, so show your bed some love. Think tons of comfy pillows for those blessed naps between classes and a patterned comforter to keep your space looking good when you don’t have time to make the bed in the morning. Your bed is one place in your dorm that is guaranteed to be just yours, so a little decor goes a long way.

Grrrl Notebook

Eyes Coffee Mug

Shape Study #9 Wall Clock

Memphis Love 50 Backpack

3. Study in Style

Chances are you’ll be spending way more time at your desk than you’d like. When you’re deep into hour three of cramming for that midterm, it’s the little things that will help. Small accents on mugs or notebooks will keep your area looking cute but clutter-free, and some statement art will remind you that you will survive the struggle.

Shapes Rectangular Pillow

Baby Girl Throw Pillow

Boobs Rug

4. Make Space (and Time) For You

Studying is important and all, but so is a little self care. Designate a small corner of your space as your chill zone and fill it with things that make you feel good. Plush floor pillows, a rug, a good book or your beloved phone will really set the mood when you need to zen out during that long study sesh. Plus, compartmentalizing your dorm can make it feel that much bigger. Keep your textbooks for your desk, and nothing but good vibes for your hideout.

Vision Floor Pillow

Decor Wall Hanging

Model: Rachel Heath
Styling by: Hillary Jones
Photographer: Elle Wildhagen


Faces in Dark Comforter

by Explicit Design


Swoosh Pillow Sham

by almostmakesperfect


Baby Girl Throw Pillow

by aljahorvat


Pink! Throw Pillow

by Helo Birdie


Perennial Wall Tapestry

by Beth Hoeckel


Decor Wall Hanging

by Sarah Eisenlohr


Beauty Routine Framed Art Print

by steph_angeles


You Da Best Framed Art Print

by Helo Birdie


The Moon or La Lune Tank Top

by cafelab


Blush Rose Gold Leggings

by Better HOME


Feelings Phone Case

by Melody Hansen


GRRRL Notebook



Jessica McQueen