Whether you’re keeping your baby’s gender a surprise or want to break from the traditional pink or blue route, there are so many reasons to opt for a gender neutral nursery look.

More and more parents-to-be are embracing this trend, shedding frills in favor of good design. The best part? Your nursery will actually go with the rest of your house, meaning you can create a space that is chic but still full of that childlike wonder you wish your little one to experience. Here, we put together some tips for decorating a gender neutral nursery without sacrificing style.

1. Start With a Clean Slate

The first step in decorating a gender neutral nursery is to, well, keep it neutral. We’re talking colors here. You’ll want to steer away from dominant pink and blue tones and instead embrace soft, muted shades. Beige, cream, white and gray are all excellent backdrops when it comes to completely overhauling a space because they go with everything. And don’t worry, your space will look anything but basic and boring once you add in pops of color with your decor and accent pieces.

we are all made of stars Wall Tapestry

by Grace


Coit Pattern 75 Wall Clock

by Coit Creative


Striped Wall Tapestry

by Marina_Demidova


Wildflower Fawn Wall Clock

by Nina Stajner


Palm Leaf Wall Tapestry

by Alice Rebecca Potter


Hand-drawn diamond pattern Blackout Curtain

by Nayla Smith


Block Print Wall Tapestry

by thealchemyofdesign


Marshland Blackout Curtain

by Heather Dutton


2. Set the Scene

One easy way to tie your room together is to choose a broad theme that you can bring to life with wall art, window curtains and all the finishing touches. Since we’re rethinking the wheel here, we recommend animals for their cute factor, typography for an effortless (and educational!) feel or Scandinavian-inspired abstracts for those who want their child to appreciate the finer things in life. If you’re still unsure of what to pick, try mixing elements from different themes or settling on a specific color palette instead, which will open up your options AND can prove to be beneficial for your little one’s development


by Jazzberry Blue


Vintage rainbow painting Framed Art Print

by Lost Tribe


Kitten Bandit Framed Art Print

by emilywinfieldmartinart


Gumdrop Sprinkles Framed Art Print

by Chachi Loves Design


A for Aster Art Print

by Dylan M


B for Bellflower Art Print

by Dylan M


C for Cosmos Art Print

by Dylan M


Caturday Puma Art Print

by Belette Le Pink


3. Play With Patterns

Patterns are a refreshing way to add some energy into your space without committing to a traditional nursery look. Embrace the removable aspect of wall murals and wallpaper that will give you all the bright colors and fun prints when and where you need them. (Pro tip: Our wallpaper isn’t good for just walls – it makes great contact paper for drawers and can be used to spruce up doorways). These accents also super easy to swap out with the seasons, your mood or your child’s ever-changing obsessions. Trust us, you won’t regret going for the removable look when your kid loves horses one day and outer space the next.

sunset leopards Wallpaper

by Laura Graves


Green Botanical Damask Wallpaper

by Samantha Dolan


Star Pattern Color Wallpaper

by Evelyne van den Broek


Crane Dance Wallpaper

by Megan Galante


Terrazzo Pattern II. Wall Mural

by matise


Oranges Pattern Wall Mural

by Alja Horvat


Coloful Sea Urchins 2 Wall Mural

by Lathe & Quill


Raising the flags Wall Mural

by Gale Switzer


4. Think Outside the Box

Gallery walls aren’t just reserved for your living room and can be way more interesting to your little one than a singular, larger work of art. As with the room’s theme, curate your picks focusing on one or two interests or colors, or go wild and choose whatever speaks to you. The options are endless, but to keep things from looking too serious, we recommend you switch up print types, sizes and frame colors and give each piece a little breathing room. And whichever route you take, pick pieces that you can see fitting in with the rest of your home once your kid outgrows the nursery. A win-win!

Floral Magic Framed Art Print

by Alisa Galitsyna


You Make Me Happy Framed Art Print

by heycoco


Abstract-painting Art Print

by mark ashkenazi


Leaves Canvas Print

by Rhianna Marie Chan


Sloth Framed Art Print

by fin and poppy


Moth Species Framed Art Print

by Ambers Textiles


Baby Rabbt with Flower Crown Art Print

by Amy Peterson Art Studio


Baby Raccoon with Flower Crown Art Print

by Amy Peterson Art Studio


Jessica McQueen