You will get paid between 31 and 60 days from the date a product ships.

There’s a good reason for this. We offer your customers the All Good Guarantee to instill confidence in their purchase process. It’s a 30-day, hassle free return policy. It’s even something you can promote yourself with. If your customer loves their Society6 product, like most do, you’ll get paid in the next pay cycle!

NOTE: Make sure your PayPal account is up to date, otherwise you will have to wait an additional pay cycle before payment can be processed.

How do you access your earnings?

Hover over your Avatar and click on “My Earnings”.


What is an “earning”?

An earning is your royalty–or what you’ll be paid for the sale of your artwork. An earning takes into account the number of units sold if multiples of the same product are ordered in a single order. For tips on pricing your Art Prints, Framed Art Prints and Canvas Prints, check out How To Price Your Artwork Competitively.

How frequently does Society6 pay Artists?

Monthly. No minimum number of sales to hit either. Payments are automatically processed within the first few business days of every month.

How can I avoid customer’s returning my products?

It’s important to make sure your assets are always uploaded in the highest quality possible. For more on this, check out How To Prepare Your Art Files For Printing On Society6 Products.

What are Pending earnings?

These are earnings for products sold that shipped less than 30 days ago.

What are Cleared earnings?

These are earnings for products that your customers loved! These are confirmed to be paid in the next pay cycle.

What are Paid earnings?

These are ALL earnings that have been paid to you to date.

Why would you not receive payment?

If you’re expecting payment, but it doesn’t arrive, your PayPal account may be invalid or is no longer verified in our system. You will have to reach out to us to correct this and wait for the next pay cycle to receive your payment.

How do you change your PayPal account?

Reach out to us at

If you have an unclaimed earnings email, how do you claim your earnings?

Your PayPal account is either invalid or no longer verified in our system. Please reach out to us at

For any other payment questions, please contact us at

Go to your Earnings page >

Ben Renschen


Formerly: Artist Development Manager at Society6