Each month we’re asking one music-loving artist to create a custom playlist of their favorite songs. This month, Jennifer Dahbura put together a playlist of wonderfully eclectic picks. Take a listen and check out our chat below!

Introduce yourself and your work!

Hi, my name is Jennifer Dahbura and I am a freelance illustrator from El Salvador, Latin America. My work is inspired by women and seeks to portray them exploring themes like human behavior, equality and fantasy while giving it a magical and mystical touch.

Could you tell us about the playlist you put together?

This playlist basically represents my everyday mood. With a lot of different powerful sounds, I always try to project my feelings through my artwork and these melodies give me that inspiration whenever I’m feeling empty or lacking creativity. Music brings me back to old memories, rage, happiness and lots of feelings. I love to experiment through music just like I do with illustration.

What song or artist do you have on repeat recently?

So difficult to choose just one but lately I’ve been listening to The National, I really love their Trouble Will Found Me album and also Tamaryn’s Cranekiss Album. One of my favs that is always on repeat is The Cure.

If your art were a music genre, what would it be?

Maybe a mix of iamamiwhoami, Jenny Hval and Dead Can Dance. It’s like a mix of dark experimental folk with a bit of psychedelic grooves and pop folk too. A bit of everything.

How do you describe your musical taste?

Experimental. My taste in music runs across all different genres, anything that feels good in my ears.

What part does music play in your creative process?

It helps me to escape and gives me different sensations and emotions that I can transmit through my artwork. I guess for me, music goes hand in hand with my every day process. Every sound or lyric can inspire me to create multiple moods, colors and aesthetics.

I’ll Protect You

by jenniferdahbura

Queen Of Lovers

by jenniferdahbura


by jenniferdahbura

You Betrayed Me

by jenniferdahbura

Into The Sky

by jenniferdahbura

Trippy Lovers

by jenniferdahbura

Chillin Moth

by jenniferdahbura

Trapped On The Dimension Of Impossible Exits

by jenniferdahbura

Olivia Linville

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