Satisfy your wanderlust digitally with illustrator—and (now) virtual tour guide—Carrie Lyman of Lyman Creative Co.

Carrie’s travel-inspired illustrations always make for a dream-like escape from the day-to-day. Offering a bright, often minimalist perspective on some of the world’s most iconic and scenic locations, we figured Carrie would be the perfect person to go to as we re-visit our travel lists. Here, we asked Carrie to talk about some of her favorite, memorable and most underrated destinations.

What location is at the top of your Bucket List right now?

Morocco is definitely at the top of my Bucket List right now. I’m so excited to see in person all the beautiful colors, patterns and architecture I’ve been drooling over on Pinterest. I also love that outside the cities you can escape into the empty desert or go surfing on the coast.

Marrakech Medina Shop, Morocco Art Print by Lyman Creative Co.

What’s the most inspirational place you’ve visited?

Unexpectedly, Oman! It wasn’t even on my radar until a friend invited me to go on a trip with her a few summers ago. I ended up loving it and was so moved that I created a whole collection inspired by their doors.

Doors of Oman #4 - Bahla Pottery Shop Art Print by Lyman Creative Co.

Where would you want to revisit first?

My first trip will definitely be to Costa Rica! I had a surfing trip booked for March 2020 that I had to cancel. I’m so excited to get back into the (warm) ocean.

Malpais, Costa Rica at Sunset Art Print by Lyman Creative Co.

Where did you get the best meal?

This is the number one question I’m asked, and I always, without hesitation, say Vietnam. I took a cooking class with friends in Hoi An, Vietnam and discovered a dish called cao lầu. It’s regional to the area, so I’ve never been able to find it outside of Hoi An, but I dream about going back.

Hoi An, Vietnam Street Lanterns Art Print by Lyman Creative Co.

What’s the place no one really talks about that you’d love to visit?

I recently discovered the Siwa Oasis salt lakes in Egypt. I’ve been to other salt lakes and deserts before but never one so large that there were multiple salt pools across one landscape.

13 Siwa Oasis Salt Lakes, Egypt Art Print by Lyman Creative Co.

What’s the place everyone talks about that you want to visit anyway?

I don’t think I’ll be going anytime soon, but Greece is a place I feel like I have to visit one day. I’ve seen so many photos of the iconic blue and white but have yet to see the colors in person. I imagine I will go overboard with all the photos I’ll take every other step!

Bell Tower, Megalochori Village, Santorini, Greece Art Print by Lyman Creative Co.

Where would you most like to live, aka what place felt the most like your “home away from home”?

I haven’t found anywhere I think I could live permanently yet, but I love Paris! It’s a big city but feels very walkable. I’ve spent several weeks there but feel like there’s so much more I want to explore and go back to. I would love to spend a whole summer there one day—walking, exploring, discovering, eating and collecting inspiration.

Paris on the Seine River | France Art Print by Lyman Creative Co.

Where’s the best place to travel alone?

Lisbon, Portugal is a great place to travel alone. The city isn’t overwhelming, and it’s easy to get around. There are so many outdoor bars and restaurants, as well as great day trips outside the city. One of my favorites was to the little town of Sintra to see all the castles.

Portugal, Pena Palace, Sintra Art Print by Lyman Creative Co.