Our design guide for wrapping paper is your go-to resource for making the most of every occasion.

Think about this: Every day is someone’s birthday. So there’s never not a reason for buyers to need wrapping paper. And that’s reason to, well, celebrate. (Sorry, we had to.) With a simple surface fit for any artist’s style, they’re a wildly accessible opportunity for both you and consumers to express yourselves. They also don’t age or go out of style, and gift-givers will show as much joy sharing them as you do making them. So here are some design tips specific to wrapping paper.

(And if you need guidance on selling them, we’ve got tips for that, too.)

What themes and styles do customers gravitate to?

To get you started, we’ve rounded up some designs that Society6 customers are showing love to—with their wallets.


Considering that these sheets are bound to be cut and creased, trimmed and taped when wrapping a gift, we say refrain from using a single focal point in your design—since it likely won’t be adored in all its glory. A repeating pattern on the other hand allows for your art to be appreciated at any and every angle, no matter the alterations. So start copy-and-pasting that print!


Because all elements appear to be created equal in abstract art, the style makes perfect for wrapping paper. Its natural boundlessness means that nothing will be “lost” when folded over an edge or positioned on the bottom of a present instead of the top. So if you have a design that can withstand being consumed in increments, and not necessarily as a whole, why not groom it for some gift-giving?


Whether referring to retro color palettes, design styles, or imagery, buyers are gravitating toward everything “vintage.” And who can blame them? When giving a gift, don’t we want the recipient to love it so much that, years from now, it ignites some sort of romantic nostalgia? Think of it this way; timelessness is embraced when it comes to both art and gifts, so start allowing your customers to wrap…in retro.

How are other artists approaching design for wrapping paper?

If you need help getting the ball rolling on brainstorming, here are two methods your fellow artists took when approaching their own designs for wrapping paper.

Vague & Versatile

Sure, major holidays are marked on calendars and forever committed to memory, but there’s a long list of other things to honor on any given day, from anniversaries to proud achievements. So if you want your wrapping paper to be appropriate all year long, unrestricted by seasonality, simply design with surprise and celebration in mind. Think bows, balloons, and champagne bottles!


When it comes to wrapping paper, you’ve likely seen numeric candle-covered cakes for birthdays or Santa on a sleigh for Christmas, proving it’s a product that can handle an artist looking to get literal. And no matter how precise you plan on getting—hearts for Valentine’s Day, ever heard of it?—creative challenges can still lie in you doing so in your own personal style. From bachelor(ette) parties to baby showers, graduations to “get well soon’s,” the occasions—and opportunities—are endless.

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How do you promote wrapping paper?

Wrapping paper isn’t subject to only seasons or to coinciding with one’s home decor; it’s budget-friendly and literally made for moments of fun, so the prospects are plentiful. Read our Introducing Wrapping Paper: All the Details Every Artist Needs to Know guide to understand how to take customers into consideration when marketing your material.

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Danielle Cheesman

Sr. Content Editor