The Friday Five is a weekly showcase of new Society6 artists. These talents come from all over the world, bringing fresh new styles and designs that deserve your attention. Find out more about today’s worldwide array of artists in their S6 stores.

Ana Piranha (Seattle, Washington)
SimonBonnerFide (Aylesbury, United Kingdom)
Taschka (Los Angeles, California)
Dale Wylie Illustration (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Crescent Ocre (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

Grape by Ana Piranha

Bloom by Ana Piranha

Alligator by Ana Piranha

Geometric No. 2 by SimonBonnerFide

Geometric No. 21 - Causeway 2 by SimonBonnerFide

Geometric No. 4 by SimonBonnerFide

Over It by Taschka Turnquist

Backed Out by Taschka Turnquist

Think It Away by Taschka Turnquist

Powerful Stories by Dale Wylie Illustration

Big Cat Hunting by Dale Wylie Illustration

Sky Print by Dale Wylie Illustration

Lemonade collage by Crescent Ocre

Marigold summer by Crescent Ocre

Abstract module by Crescent Ocre

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6