Welcome back to the Holiday Success Guide series!

This week, we’ll be discussing two of the most important things you can do to boost our income this holiday season. The tips mentioned in this post should be applied year round, but we highly recommend implementing them now if you haven’t already to ensure you’re making the most of this busy shopping period.

Tip #1: Set Your Prices on All Products

In case you missed it, earlier this year we made some major changes to the way artists set their markups. You are in control of how much you earn on all products in your shop. For a detailed breakdown of how our new pricing system works, check out our dedicated blog post here.

With this in mind, we encourage you to seize this opportunity to maximize your earnings this holiday season by setting competitive prices on your products. We’ll be running huge holiday sales on giftable items and holiday decor through the rest of the month, so be sure to keep an eye on our promo schedule and make strategic updates to your product pricing. Understandably, it can feel a bit overwhelming at first to determine competitive pricing. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend researching the marketplace. Look at the artists who sell similar products or have a similar artwork style and consider what they charge for their products. For additional tips on things to consider when pricing your products, check out our article here.

It’s important to note that your final artist earnings are calculated on the price sold after any sales or discounts are applied by customers at checkout. While sales and promotions may seem to impact your profits, it is important to note that Society6 carefully considers the sales and discounts we offer to customers across product categories and each offer is designed to drive a higher volume of customers and sales to your shop.

Tip #2: Utilize the Artist Affiliate Program

This one is without a doubt the easiest way to make more money this holiday season. As we’re sure you already know, customer intent to purchase is high during the holiday season. Joining the Society6 Affiliate Program allows you to earn 10% on anything a customer purchases if you send them to Society6. That means, if a customer purchases anything from your shop, you will earn an additional earning on top of your usual earning. Similarly, if a customer makes a purchase for an item from another artist’s shop, you’ll still receive an earning since if they came to Society6 through your affiliate link!

Avoid missing out on sales by making it easier for customers to find your shop by adding it to your social media bios. If your personal website doesn’t have a “shop” button already, we highly recommend creating one and linking it to your Society6 shop via your affiliate link. Your unique affiliate link is so versatile in that it can be added to any link from a Society6 page. We’ll explain how it works below:

Using artist AliRae Aguirre’s shop as an example, AliRae’s shop link is society6.com/aliraeaguirre. Her custom affiliate link is ?curator=aliraeaguirre. So to use AliRae’s affiliate link, AliRae could share their shop with: society6.com/aliraeaguirre?curator=aliraeaguirre. As mentioned, this method can be used for any page on Society6.

Use your unique affiliate link every single time you share a link with your followers on social media, with friends and family directly and in your account bios to make things easier for your customers.

If you haven’t already joined our Artist Affiliate Program, you can learn more and sign up here (its quick!) Adding your affiliate link to your shop URL and to any product links you share is an easy way to earn more this holiday season!

For more tips and tricks on how you can prepare for the busy season ahead, check out our 2022 Artist Holiday Checklist and Holiday Creative Brief. We’ll be back next week to discuss another topic to help support your success this holiday season!

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