Your home is a reflection of you, so it’s important to make every decor decision count.

No matter if you’ve cultivated a solid style or are just moving out (and up!), it doesn’t hurt to find a little inspo to keep your space looking fresh, refined and all your own. Oh, and if you’re a living version of the meme about guys’ apartments and your space has only a TV on the floor and a couch you dragged in from the curb, we aren’t judging, but we just want to talk and maybe show you some of our favorite go-to decor vibes below. Whether you’re into a classic retro look or want your space to reflect what you’re into, we’ve got just the picks that will take your space to the next level.

Go Retro

You wish you were born in a different decade and spend your time sifting through dusty crates for the perfect vinyl gem. Or, maybe you’re just into the vintage look and want your space to channel that same groovy Disco Stu vibe. Well, look no further than vibrant geometric designs, vintage photos and desert horizons to get you in the ‘70s state of mind. To keep things from looking too busy, we recommend first settling on a color palette–pick a few hues you absolutely can’t live without–as the basis for your decor scheme so you can focus on the fun stuff like patterns and mediums when it comes to your prints.  

Golden Sixlet Canvas Print

by Circa78Designs


Sonar - Dusk Canvas Print

by Circa78Designs


Desert Dusk Ravine Framed Art Print

by Circa78Designs


Vinyl store in Budapest Framed Art Print

by Olga Moreira


Bounce - Sunset Throw Pillow

by Circa78Designs


Sunshine All The Time Makes A Desert Throw Pillow

by subliming


Classic Retro Stripes Throw Pillow

by AlphaOmega


Geometric Landscape 14 Throw Pillow

by The Old Art Studio


Less is More

You may have heard a thing or two about minimalism in this age of Marie Kondo and organizing your life, and for good reason. Restricting your decor to a limited color palette is a surefire way to streamline your space, but keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily mean going stark black and white if that’s not your thing. Neutrals and softer tones are your friends here and can add warmth to any space, while contrasting patterns in your art and throw pillows prevent the dreaded 2-D effect.

Mountain Heart 2 Framed Art Print

by Matthew Korbel-Bowers


Moon and Sun Abstract Canvas Print



colorplay b&w Framed Art Print

by Garima Dhawan


Meet Up Framed Art Print

by Evelyn Drambarean


Black Shrimp Throw Pillow

by Fernando Vieira


Beige and Black Collage Throw Pillow



// Reverse 01 Throw Pillow

by mpgmb


half moon Throw Pillow

by almostmakesperfect


Back to Nature

Show off your love of the great outdoors when you’re, well, indoors by embracing warm colors and texture. We’re fans of scenic landscape views, organic shapes and a toasty color story like this one above. If you’re not quite sure where to start, think of your favorite hiking locations or dream getaway spots and start searching for your wall art under these terms. Art is always better when you can relate to it personally! Now, you’ll just need to decide whether the mountains, desert or big blue is more “you.”

The Pinkest Sunset Framed Art Print

by Ben Renschen


Squaw Peak Hike Framed Art Print

by Roland Thompson


Organic1 Framed Art Print

by Dream Of Forest


three palms | venice, ca Framed Art Print

by Adrienne Leonard


Triangle Pattern Throw Pillow

by thealchemyofdesign


Banff National Park Throw Pillow

by Cameron Stevens


Seeds Throw Pillow

by holli zollinger


Balance Throw Pillow

by Grace


City Living

If you’re more about the concrete jungle than greenery, we don’t blame you. Clean, sleek lines and sharp angles are just so chic and satisfying and architecture can serve as endless inspiration. Mix black and white street photography with geometric abstracts for the ultimate city cool look. While our preference lies with darker colors–black, gray, navy blue and maybe a pop of gold–you can really work this style into any existing decor scheme if you need a fresh pop of color.

Baar Framed Art Print

by Paul Prinzip


New York Framed Art Print

by daybreakelm


Architecture II Framed Art Print

by koivo


Subway Blur Framed Art Print



Deco Geometric 01 Throw Pillow

by The Old Art Studio


Ambitious No. 2 Throw Pillow

by Studio 38103


Circle on Navy and Blue Grey Throw Pillow

by Blerta


Grey Minimalist Circle Throw Pillow

by EnShape


Photos by Nicole LaMotte

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