Spring is coming. Here’s how to prep…

In March, our Spring Catalogue will be dropping across all major US cities. That means we’re expecting a lot of customers to be searching for spring trends and design themes as featured in the catalogue (suggestions listed below). Aside from that, because spring is a popular time to start refreshing home spaces, we usually see an uptick in home decor purchases too. So this month’s brief emphasizes getting your spring designs uploaded and making sure home decor products are filled out.

1. Spring trend designs needed!

As we roll out our spring catalogue in mid-March, the list below contains spring trends and designs we’re planning to share with customers. So, as customers begin searching to site for creative products to refresh their homes, this is a great opportunity to get some seasonally relevant artwork up on the site.

Suggested Designs:
  • Florals
  • Rainbow (let’s see your best Roy G. Biv)
  • Lavender
  • Desert/Cactus
  • Sunshine
  • Spring Mandala
  • Beach
  • Ocean

Remember to use relevant titles, tags and descriptions. Check out this article on How to Get Found In Search to make sure you’re maximizing your opportunity to be discovered by customers and our own curation team.

2. Home decor sells particularly well during the spring

While home decor products are popular year-round, we always see a healthy bump in this sales from this category during the spring. Some theories as to why this is the case include post-holiday homes are back to normal with no decorations, or people are still spending a good amount of time indoors during these months. Or maybe the literal refreshing nature of spring inspires an equally refreshing interest in home improvement. Whatever the case may be, we put together some top products to focus on in the coming months.

Products to focus on for February & March:

  • Wall Art (Art Prints, Framed Art Prints, Canvas Prints, and Metal Prints)
  • Wall Tapestries
  • Duvet Covers, Comforters
  • Pillow Shams
  • Throw Pillows (Square + Rectangular)
  • Throw Blankets

3. Capturing your creative process for fans should be second nature

Your space to create is already setup. You have all your creative tools. You probably have a phone to film and photograph your process. Even if you don’t have a good, cheap mount for you phone, sharing your creative process with fans should be second nature. Especially if you’re interested in making the most of social media. Make sure to add your Society6 shop link to your social media bio’s so customers can find your work quickly.

Customers end up clicking through to your Society6 shop because they feel connected to the artwork throughout the entire process. You’ve given your entire fanbase an intimate experience with the finished piece.

Here’s two articles that should help you start capturing your process with consistency:

4. Always popular: Coffee Mugs

Let’s be honest, this has nothing to do with spring, but you know what it is related to? Humans who drink coffee. And there’s lots of us. Like…a lotta lot. We drink it in bed, at the office, on road trips, in the airport, after dessert, you name it.

Quippy, fun, coffee-related designs never get old and mugs aren’t going out of style any time soon. In fact, coffee mugs continue to be a very popular Society6 product. If your work is particularly suited for coffee mugs, or you’ve been wanting to get into the coffee mug game, make sure you get them activated.

Check out our popular coffee mugs for some morning joe inspo.

5. Join our Official Facebook Group, the Society6 Artist Hub

We post weekly business education, art & product tutorials, #WIP challenges, artist features, new product announcements, site updates, promotional schedule and more. Please join us!

REQUIREMENTS FOR APPROVAL: You must have at least (1) five unique designs available for sale and (2) answer all three required questions before you’ll be considered for approval. We add new members every Monday/Tuesday. Make sure you check out our Community Guidelines on arrival. They’re in the Photos section of the group.

This is not a self-promotion group. Any self-promoters will removed expeditiously. This is how we protect your ability to access the most important Society6-related info!

Join the Society6 Artist Hub here >

6. Bookmark the Society6 Promotional Schedule

This is Google Doc with all the promotional information and downloadable overlay assets you need regarding active and upcoming promotions. We’ll keep this up to date so you can bookmark and use accordingly through the holidays and beyond.

Access the document here.

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Formerly: Artist Development Manager at Society6