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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Derrick Lin and I am a senior strategist in advertising.

Current city: Seattle, WA

Clients: Apple, Disney, Chipotle, IKEA, Entertainment Weekly, and I’ve published a photography book with Rizzoli: Work, Figuratively Speaking.

How did you make these? I visualize subtle thoughts and feelings in mundane life scenarios—especially around working—with the miniature figures as the “little voices in my head,” and I use desk items, lamps and my iPhone to create my photography. I try to find visual metaphors in moods we typically reserve to ourselves, and inject humor or positivity into those topics.

Why did you make these? I noticed people mostly share positive things on social media and keep the not-so-brag-worthy thoughts to themselves, and often those feelings are the source to our stress. I challenged myself to turn those ideas into something cheerful and beautiful. It has been my way of reminding myself to find a different perspective in every challenge and obstacle I encounter, as well as a way to express my creativity.

What do people typically say about your work? I am very fortunate to have a very engaged and supportive audience from around the world. According to them, my photography and the topics I depict resonate with them. Some make them smile, some make them cry. I’m most touched when I receive messages from my followers saying that they find strength and inspiration in my work for them to go on. I’m amazed that my little project has a stage and purpose.

Social: @marsder (on Instagram)

"Locked In Concrete Jungle"

"Our Little Corner of the City"

"Not Enough Coffee"



"Going To and Leaving Work in the Dark"

"Toss Away"

"Up In the Air"

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