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Could you introduce yourself?
Hello! I’m Alycia Rainaud, a twenty-four-year-old french graphic designer and digital artist also known as Malavida.

Current city:
I’m currently living in Paris!

What’s your process?
My work focuses on putting together digital and tangible mediums. I usually start by working with a mix of different types of paints, inks and materials to create a base movement and vibe. In this step, I don’t bother too much with the colors or displacements to look perfect. The second step is digitizing the artwork through a scanner or a camera before moving on to my favorite part, post-production. This third step is all about movement enhancements and adding all of those signature vibrant colors. To achieve this effect, I usually work with Photoshop but I’m always keen to use other programs like Cinema 4D or Processing. I guess I could achieve a similar result with lots of other techniques, but that’s mainly how I work at the moment 🙂


SHAPE SHIFTER Art Print by Malavida

VIDE NOIR Art Print by Malavida

Why did you make these?
I started making abstract artworks when I was in graphic design school back in the day. As a former print graphic designer, I often needed some cool and relevant imagery for my editorial projects. I began experimenting with software and different mediums in order to create my own illustrations and build a signature look. The whole process of creating textures quickly became a way to express my feelings, acting as a mental outlet. At the time, I started getting more and more interested in psychology, Jungian therapy and anxiety relief through daily creative exercises. Thus, I chose to share my work, bits and bobs outside of their editorial context and began experimenting with daily abstractions by creating Malavida in 2016.

SHE'S MY COLLAR Art Print by Malavida

WAVY Art Print by Malavida

What do people typically say about your work?
A lot of amazing and unbelievable things! Every single person who takes the time to support my work is a blessing. Usually, I get a lot of comments about how vivid my color palette is, how trippy these effects are and how inspiring it can be for them. I also get a lot of messages about how my artworks convey certain feelings and emotions in a cosmic way, and how it resonates with other’s emotions. What’s so mesmerizing to me is to see how people understand my work and identity, and how we’re able to connect and share these feelings together just by the singular power of abstract imagery. I’m absolutely grateful for everything.

How can people reach you?
Instagram → @maalavidaa
Twitter → @maalavidaaa
Behance →
Website →

REST MY CHEMISTRY Art Print by Malavida

RHETORIC Art Print by Malavida

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