What’s not to love about a wall mural?

They’re mess-free, DIY-friendly, statement-making (but still removable) accent pieces! But if you’re still having trouble deciding which one you want to start sticking upon your selected wall, here are a few of our favorites.

Plant Life

Bring the outdoors inside with murals that give nod to botanical beauties, flora and fauna. Nature’s scenery not only brings serenity, but also serves as a great alternative for those of us that lack a green thumb, ya know? Might we suggest lining these up alongside a window, or opposite your space’s natural light, to really let them shine?

Floral and Flamingo VIII pattern Wall Mural

by Burcu Korkmazyurek


Plant 2 Wall Mural

by ThingDesign


Red poppy drawing Wall Mural

by Katerina Kirilova


Tropical Jungle Night Leaves Pattern #1 Wall Mural

by Anita's & Bella's Art



Bring some structure to your space with lines and shapes. And since geometry recalls our days as a youth anyway, its inspired murals seem to lend themselves best to playful designs and bright colors that pop. Living rooms are for liveliness, right? So why not use these as a focal point when friends are over? Get fearless, get funky.

MCM Lozenge Wall Mural

by Lisa Jayne Murray


Sunshine Grid Wall Mural

by Circa78Designs


Navy Stone Wall Mural

by Elisabeth Fredriksson


Capsule Sixties Wall Mural

by Caligrafica


Black & White

It’s no secret that the dramatic high contrast of a B&W can set a #mood, so we suggest sticking these in your sanctuary. Whether that be your bedroom or your creative space, there’s something soothing about its simplicity.

Marble abstract dots minimal black and white pattern decor marbled Wall Mural

by CharlotteWinter


HANDS 2 Wall Mural

by dada22


Music Cassette Stacks - Black and White - Something Nostalgic IV Wall Mural

by Päivi Vikström


Cactus Black & White Wall Mural

by Orara Studio



While, yes, we’re all about making your home your favorite place to be, that doesn’t mean we’re trampling on travel bugs! Set your sights on skylines. Dream of long drives. Take short trips and big voyages. And allow these wall murals to help keep your eyes on the prize. (We say place these in your bedroom so they can slip into your sleep cycle.)

Vitamin Sea #photography #nature Wall Mural

by 83 Oranges®


Eiffel tower, Paris, black & white photo, b&w fine art, tour, city, landscape photography, France Wall Mural

by Stefanoreves


Marrakech Rooftop Wall Mural

by Beli


Charming Amsterdam Wall Mural

by Alex Tonetti Photography



If your eye is drawn to abstract art, but you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. Simply pick a color within the piece and repeat it throughout your space with other elements of decor (think: throw pillows, coasters, and coffee tables). Also, abstract art doesn’t necessarily aim to represent reality. In fact, it takes pride in its independence, so place these in the room you need to feel most free.

Pastel abstraction I Wall Mural

by CatyArte


Believe 1 No. 3 Wall Mural

by Black Pepper Paperie Co.


Mid Century Modern Abstract Painting Orange Watercolor Brush Strokes Wall Mural

by EnShape


Half past black hour Wall Mural

by GoStijn


Danielle Cheesman

Sr. Content Editor