If you grew up in the 90’s then you too will get nostalgic at the sight of Doc Martens, Grunge-y plaid and psychedelic prints.

These days, we can’t get enough of that throwback-look, so we asked photographer Michael Delaney to capture some modern outfits inspired by our childhood faves.

Checkered Warp All Over Print Shirt

by Lisann


Checkerboard Leggings

by Honorandobey


Yin Tang T-Shirt

by Henrik Lehnerer


Trippy Background Leggings

by Danny Ivan


2. Get Grungy

Embrace your inner anarchist with grunge-inspired tees. In the post-punk era, rebellion was in full swing, and wearing your nonconforming heart on your sleeve was a great way to set yourself apart. Today, you can combine that statement with some cheeky overall shorts and you’ll still be the toughest kid on the block.

Life's A B*tch Tote Bag

by Rebecca Flattley


Burn It All Down Biker Tank

by Anna Dorfman


Do Your Best Tote Bag

by Sarah Brust


GRL PWR Biker Tank

by Libbie Bischoff


3. Girly Girl

Bright, rainbow-colored patterns and illustrations were the order of the day—think Lisa Frank all day every day. Bonus points for upping the complexity and pairing a preppy print with Nirvana-approved plaid.

Lips T-Shirt


by Practiceartfiles


Lots Of Fun Leggings

by Rhyme & Reason Design


Palm Tree No. 2 All Over Print Shirt

by Hanna Kastl-Lungberg


ACID Leggings

by Malavida


4. Perfectly Pastel

Soft colors set the tone for the early 90’s, inspired by the hues of Bayside High and Princess Diana’s wedding. However, this look shows that pale doesn’t have to mean pure—amp up the sex appeal with a eye-popping print and some sheer accents.

Celia Biker Tank

by Mariajosecarlier


Pastel 90's Pattern Tote Bag

by Cina Catteau


Nineties Dinosaur T-Shirt

by Chobopop


Summer Tote Bag

by Janja Primozic


Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content