There’s nothing quite as thrilling as moving into your first apartment by yourself.

To help prepare for this move into full-on #adulting, we’ve honed in on seven items to make the transition both beauteous and delightful. The best way you can make this space feel like your home is to curate it with the things that bring you joy. It might be helpful to already start thinking about the colors and artists or designers whose works make you happy when you look at them. Let’s dive into the items you’ll want for your first apartment!

1. Chic Tables

Tables are an excellent way to mark your design aesthetic, whether it’s a side table near your bed or a coffee table in the living room. These accent pieces can be the anchor that you use to design the rest of your space. For example, if you choose a side table with a bold color such as red, you can add other accents in red throughout the room.

2. Zen Seating

Who says you need a traditional dining table and chairs? This is your space, so you get to make it your own. Consider alternative seating, such as comfortable and chic floor pillows where your friends can gather and dine around a coffee table, or place eye-catching counter stools around a kitchen island. The best part is that you can select designs and colors to complement your new apartment.

3. Plush Throw Blankets

You’ll definitely need a plush throw blanket for those inevitable Netflix ‘n chill nights. Select a design that speaks to your interests, the decor of the room, or to colors that make you happy. This item can also play double-duty and serve as an accent piece on your sofa or over your comforter on your bed.

4. Statement Rug

Rugs add instant warmth and coziness to a room, whether they’re in neutral tones, pastels or bold colorways. For this item, it can be fun to select a rug that makes a statement or blends in with the layout you already have in the room. An additional perk is that a rug can help muffle noises if you’re in an older building.

5. Organize in Style

Our acrylic boxes are just what you need to organize in style. These boxes are perfect for stashing make-up, jewelry or keepsakes you’ve collected over the years. The difference is clear when thinking about how you want to tackle organization.

6. Coffee for Days

Over the years, you’ll probably accumulate several coffee mugs—they’re the perfect, low-cost marker of your workplace, events you’ve attended, or major milestones. Select a few styles and designs that reflect where you’re at in life and what that symbolizes.

7. Curated Art Wall

Channel your inner curator and create a gallery wall of art prints or works you might meet along the way in your travels, flea markets, galleries, etc. Art is the perfect expression of who you are and where you’ve been.

Take charge of this important milestone in your life, and find the things that evoke the feel of hygge and joy, whether it’s a soft throw blanket or an art print you’ll have forever. The items you buy for your space will have incredible sentimental value as they will represent this special time in your life.

Written by Hina Khan

Venus in Scorpio Side Table

by astroccult


Gold palm leaves Floor Pillow

by Marta Olga Klara


Night Garden Throw Blanket



Gold Hide Print Metallic Rug



Blush & Blue Leaves Acrylic Box

by PrintsProject


Honest Blob Says No Coffee Mug

by Sophie Corrigan


With the Girls Art Print



Gal Pals Art Print