Wall Tapestries are our most versatile product.

We love the bold way they can change a room and the joy that comes with using them in creative ways. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the tapestry to answer common questions and give you a renewed love for their brilliance.

1. What IS A Wall Tapestry?

Quick answer? The artist formerly known as Heavy-AF Textile. Tapestries are historically a large, woven textile that displays an elaborate design—like this! They used to keep drafty old castles (ugh, like, SO annoying) warm in the winter by serving as a sort-of illustrated insulation. And while woven tapestries are still available in our modern world, now, the word “tapestry” now refers to any piece of fabric designed to hang on your wall. Our tapestries are the opposite of bulky, they’re made of a lightweight silky poly that, while basically inept at keeping your castle warm (sryyy), are the easiest way to liven up your space.

Spring Wall Tapestry

2. Where’s the best place to hang one?

Tapestries are a statement piece—a conversation starter. They’re an excellent addition to any space, but they’re best hung where they can make the biggest impact. We love to display them above a couch, bed, mantle OR on a smaller wall where it can create an almost-wallpaper effect.

3. Ok, but HOW do I hang it up?

So funny you asked, because we have some excellent ideas. In fact, we made an entire post all about it! Check it out for some of our favorite hanging tips, but if you don’t want to get creative, we find that high-quality thumbtacks on each corner works just fine.

Poppy Wall Tapestry

Blue Wall Tapestry

Stay Wild Wall Tapestry

4. How do I care for it?

When your tapestry arrives in the mail, it’ll have some serious wrinkles. The best way of getting these out is by using a steamer, BUT if you don’t have one of these handy tools, GET ONE!! JK, jk you can totally iron on cool or throw it in the dryer with a damp washcloth and that should do the trick. Also, if you accidentally got a little too into Game Of Thrones and spilled an entire glass of wine on your beloved tapestry, just throw it in the wash (cold water, gentle cycle) and then dry on low—it’ll be as good as new (unlike the STARK FAMILY!!!).

5. Are they useful for anything else?

Uh, duh. Just because they’re called “wall tapestries” doesn’t mean they’re not multifunctional. We’ve seen some seriously amaze tapestry-tricks including:

– covering up your comforter for a quick refresh
– serving as the perfect tablecloth
– pinned around an old headboard for a bold new lewk
– hung up as a dream selfie backdrop

Mud Cloth Wall Tapestry

Dolce Rose Wall Tapestry

Tropical Winter Wall Tapestry

OK. Wall Tapestry

by Alyssa M. Gonzalez


Joshua Tree Monochrome Wall Tapestry

by The Dreamery


Crash Into Me Wall Tapestry

by Leah Flores


Not Today Wall Tapestry

by Nicole C.


Gloomy Jungle Wall Tapestry

by DesigndN


Paint A Rainbow Wall Tapestry

by Cassia Beck


Wake Up Call Wall Tapestry

by Monika Strigel


Glitch Beach Wall Tapestry

by Shorsh


Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content